How to Install and Enjoy Live Net TV on Firestick(Free live streaming)

Live online television has become a popular choice for users seeking free live streaming on their Firestick or Android devices.

In this guide, we will explore what Live Net TV is, its features, and the installation steps. We’ll also address common issues to ensure you have a seamless streaming experience.

It’s important to note that Live Net TV is an unofficial streaming service, meaning you need to sideload it if you want to download it. Next, we will begin discussing how to install Live Net TV on FireStick and delve into more information about Live Net TV.

What is Live Net TV

Live Net TV is a streaming application that is completely free to use, requiring no subscriptions or registrations. It offers over 800 live television channels, granting users access to a diverse range of content including sports, entertainment, news, movies, documentaries, cooking shows, music, children’s programming, and religious content. It boasts top channels from various countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and Germany.

Live Net TV supports streaming across a variety of devices, including mobile devices, laptops, desktops, Firestick, Roku, Android TV boxes, and more.


Exploring Live Net TV Features

Live Net TV offers:

  • 800+ live channels spanning various categories
  • Sports channels, including PPV events
  • Access to video-on-demand
  • Add Favorites Feature
  • Completely free, no registration required
  • Multi-language support, including English, Spanish, French, etc.
  • Compatibility with popular external media players such as VLC Player, XYZ Player, or Wuffy Player
  • User-friendly interface

Live NetTV Pros and Cons

Live NetTV Pros

  • A wide array of live channels
  • High-quality streaming experience
  • No subscription fees
  • User-friendly interface

Live NetTV Cons

  • A few links may be broken
  • Since it is ad-supported, you’ll have to do an advert now and then
  • Category confusion

Is Live Net TV Safe to Use?

Live Net TV cannot be directly obtained from the Amazon Store, indicating that it is an unofficial application. Therefore, determining the complete safety of Live Net TV for your device is quite complex, and we cannot confirm the absolute security of Live Net TV on your device. Nevertheless, I have tested its APK using the well-known online virus scanning tool VirusTotal. The results indicate that it successfully passed all tests. Similarly, if you are obtaining the link from a third party, it is advisable to use VirusTotal to test its APK.

Another concern is regarding its legality. Considering we don’t know how Live Net TV obtains its channels, we cannot assess the legality of its content.

When unlocking any geographically restricted services or using unofficial applications/websites to watch content for free, it is always recommended to use a VPN to protect yourself in the online space. VPNs can help conceal your streaming activities from ISPs and government entities.

How to Install Live Net TV on FireStick

As mentioned earlier, Live Net TV is a third-party application, and we cannot directly download it to your Fire Stick device from the Amazon Store. We need to sideload it.

There are two methods available for obtaining Live NetTV on FireStick. These can be achieved through Downloader and ES File Explorer. We will describe the steps for each method below.

Install Live Net TV via Downloader APP

Here are the steps to download Live Net TV using the Downloader app. If you haven’t installed the Downloader app yet, you need to install it first from the Amazon Store and enable “Apps from Unknown Sources” in the settings of your streaming device. The following are the detailed steps:

  1. Switch on your FireStick and go to the home page. Scroll to “Find”.
  2. Select “Search”.
  3. Type “Downloader” using the virtual keyboard or using the Alexa voice assistant on your remote.
  4. Find and select “Downloader” among the search results.
  5. Select “Get” or “Download” to install the app on your FireStick.
  6. Wait for a while until the installation process is completed.
  7. After the Downloader app is downloaded, we need to enable “Apps from Unknown Sources” in the settings. Please continue reading.
  8. Back to FireStick home. Go to “Settings”.
  9. Scroll down and select “My Fire TV” or “Device“.
  10. Select “Developer Options” from the following menu. If you cannot locate Developer Options, please refer to this article for guidance: How do get to developer options on Firestick?
  11. You will see “Apps from Unknown Sources”. It’s disabled by default. Click “Turn on”.
  12. Go back to the FireStick home page. Find and open Downloader. Select Enter a URL box. (When you open the Downloader app for the first time, please select “Allow” to grant access to the Downloader application. Afterward, click “OK”.)
  13. Choose the “URL” field on your right side.
  14. Enter the following link http://livenettv.bzto visit the official website of Live Net TV APK on FireStick. Then, click “GO”
  15. Scroll down once the Live Net TV website loads and click Download for Amazon Fire TV.
  16. The Live Net TV APK file will start to download.
  17. Once the download finishes, the APK will automatically start installing. When you see a screen that looks like the image below, tap the Install button.
  18. FireStick must now start to install the Live NetTV app. Again, it might take a little while (a couple of minutes).
  19. You’ll notice a notification saying the app has been installed when the Live Net TV app is fully set up. Just tap Done.
  20. You have now installed Live Net TV on your FireStick.

Download Live Net TV via ES File Explorer

This method is quite similar to the first one.

  1. From Home Screen click the Search box located above the menu.
  2. Now type ES File Explorer and hit enter.
  3. Open the first result and click Get.
  4. When the download is complete click Open.
  5. After this, when first launched, it will ask for permission to access Storage, Files, etc. Just select Allow.
  6. From the ES File Explorer, Home Screen click the 3 Row menu located on the left side.
  7. Scroll down and then select Tools.
  8. It will expand all options available so click Download Manager.
  9. From there click on the Plus sign on the right-hand side below.
  10. It will open a dialogue box so type in the path section
  11. After this simply click on Download now.
  12. Now just wait for a while until the file downloads and then click Open File.
  13. In the next window Click Install.
  14. It will open the installation window, so again click on Install.

How to Use Live Net TV on Firestick

Now, let’s briefly explore how to use the Live Net TV application.

Open “Live Net TV”.


Wait for Live Net TV to load the channels.


Click Continue to allow Live Net TV to use your IP to provide an ad-free experience.


The home screen of the Live Net TV app on FireStick is illustrated in the image below. As observed, different live TV categories are organized as tabs at the top. The default selection is the Entertainment tab.


Clicking on a category will display the corresponding channels in the area below. There are approximately twelve categories, encompassing Canada, News, Sports, Movies, Portugal, Germany, and more.


If you are looking for any channel, there is a “Search” option on the top right.


Enter your Search Terms and click Next to find your favorite channel on Live Net TV.


Click The “Three-Tiles” button on the top left side.


Explore “Live Channels”.


Here, you can see live events that are currently ongoing and the upcoming ones.


Next, open VOD.


Here, you can play video-on-demand. This section is split into Indian Movies, English Movies, Pakistani Movies, and more.


Lastly, select the Settings Cog icon on the top right side.


You can configure Lock Settings, Theme Selection, External Video Player, and more.


How to Add Live Net TV Channels to Favorites?

Live Net TV enables users to include channels in their Favorites list. Refer to the brief screenshot guide below for instructions on how to add channels to Favorites within the application.

  1. On the Live Net TV home screen, hover over any channel you want to be added to your Favorites.
  2. Hold down the OK button on your remote, then select “Add to Favourites”.
  3. You should then notice a message saying “Channel added successfully to favorites”.
  4. To access your Favorites, return to the Live Net TV home screen. Then scroll left and click the “Heart Icon” within the menu.
  5. To remove channels from your Favorites, hold down the OK button over your selected channel, and choose “Remove from Favorites”.
  6. That’s it! You can now add/remove any channels within your Favorites list on Live Net TV.

How To Update Live NetTV on Firestick

After the installation of the app, our task doesn’t end there; it’s crucial to keep the application updated. Developers regularly release updates with changes, new features, additional channels, bug fixes, and improvements.

Live NetTV offers a direct update feature within the application, and users receive on-screen notifications for updates. However, some users have reported issues with updating through these notifications. In this section, I’ll provide two simple methods to ensure Live NetTV stays updated, ensuring a seamless experience for watching your favorite channels.

So, let’s check the first method to update Live NetTV on Firestick directly from the app:

Launch the app on your device and if the update is available, you will receive a notification then click on the Update Now button.


Here you will notice the update is downloading and once completed an installation window will appear there just click the Install button.


This will take a few seconds to complete installation and when you see App Installed click Open to launch it.

When you launch this app, you will get a notification asking you to uninstall the old version. Just select Uninstall to remove it.

After Live NetTV has been successfully updated, and the old version has been removed. However, if you have any doubts about the above methods, you may need to consider an alternative approach, which is to uninstall the application and then reinstall the latest version.

Alternatives to Live Net TV APK

Live Net TV, being a free third-party application, might experience issues such as crashing or malfunctioning. In some cases, the live-streaming link may not work. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a suitable replacement ready for seamless use.


IPTV Free Trial

  • Over 1,300 live television channels.
  • More than 280 premium sports channels.
  • Over 3,000 Video on Demand (VOD).
  • Access to news, entertainment, movies, TV series, and adult channels.
  • 3-Day Free Trial Available, No CC
  • Plus with Catch Up & Cloud PVR

Let’s see what alternatives are available to watch live TV on Fire Stick.

  • Vidgo: A premium IPTV streaming service offering 100+ streaming live channels, including entertainment, live sports, news, local channels, etc.
  • Tugo TV: A high-quality IPTV service with over 125 channels in various categories, including live channels, replay channels, local channels, and two connections.
  • IviewHD IPTV Plus: Recognized as the best IPTV service in the UK, focusing on sports and boxing streaming, providing over 1,000 live TV channels and an extensive collection of 3,000+ latest movies and TV shows.
  • King IPTV: Featuring over 15,000 live TV channels and 20,000+ full HD options, King IPTV allows you to enjoy a vast array of live channels, TV shows, and movies anytime, anywhere.
  • ArisIPTV: Over 30,000 high-definition, full HD, and 4K quality channels, along with 40,000+ video-on-demand options. Compatible with various devices.
  • Xumo: Offers 190+ free channels, including sports, news, movies, etc.
  • Plex: Provides TV shows, movies, and live TV with over 300 channels that can be watched from anywhere and on any device.
  • Live Sports Pro: Focuses on live sports events, providing live coverage and keeping users informed about the latest matches. The live TV section includes various sports channels like ACC Network, PAC12, and ABC.


Is Live Net TV free to use on FireStick?

Is Live Net TV free to use on FireStick?

Is Live Net TV still working?

Yes, Live Net TV is still running in 2024, making it a good choice for watching live content as it offers nearly every channel for almost free.

Do I Need To Jailbreak Firestick to Use Live NetTV?

Yes, Jailbreak is 100% required while installing Live Net on Firestick. Because by default Amazon doesn’t let users install third-party sources.

Should I Use Live Net TV With a VPN?

Even if you are not using live TV networks, always use a VPN. They ensure the security and encryption of our data, preventing malicious third parties from tracking our data or viewing the IP address we are accessing.

On which other devices can Live Net TV run?

Live Net TV on all Android devices. You can use an Android emulator if you want to use it on Windows or iOS


Live Internet TV stands out as one of the finest streaming applications for live television. It offers hundreds of premium live TV channels from around the globe. Mastering the installation and usage of Live Net TV on your Firestick allows you to unlock a diverse and captivating content world at your fingertips. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you have empowered yourself to access an abundance of live channels, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable streaming experience.

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