Falcon IPTV A Comprehensive Guide

Falcon IPTV: Comprehensive Guide to Channels, Pricing, and Alternatives

Falcon IPTV is a stable IPTV provider offering a vast array of live TV channels that span from news and sports to entertainment and international programs.

This comprehensive review will delve into the facets of Falcon IPTV, including device compatibility, pros and cons, pricing, installation process, and its alternatives, to assist you in selecting the most suitable service.

What is Falcon IPTV


Falcon IPTV is one of the top IPTV providers, boasting over 7,000 live TV channels across a variety of categories including entertainment, movies, music, news, sports, documentaries, children’s programming, and cooking shows. Additionally, it offers an extensive video-on-demand service with 90,000 VOD.

The Falcon IPTV service features channels from the US, Canada, UK, and more, catering to a diverse audience.

Falcon IPTV even provides PPV, major sports channels, adult channels, and other service options not included in some services.

Falcon IPTV can be installed on any device running the Android operating system. This includes Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, smart TVs, TV boxes, iOS, PC/Mac, and more.

What Content Does Falcon IPTV Provide?

Falcon IPTV delivers a rich selection of over 7,000 high-definition channels, granting access to premium content from regions such as the US, Canada, UK, complemented by an expansive library of 90,000 VOD titles.

This service provides a comprehensive viewing experience, encompassing channels for news, sports, entertainment, and children, along with international programming, video-on-demand content, and live channels. Falcon IPTV’s offerings are broad, including popular networks like HBO Max, Showtime, Disney+, The Movie Channel, Epix, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, ESPN+, Starz, and BBC among others.

Feature of Falcon IPTV

  • Over 7,000 live TV channels
  • More than 90,000 movies and TV shows are available on Video on Demand (VOD)
  • Access to premium sports channels
  • Pay-per-view events available
  • Adult channel options included
  • Compatible with all IPTV players
  • M3U URL playlist for easy channel access
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for scheduling
  • 3-Day catch-up
  • Payments accepted via credit/debit card
  • Customer support available through an online contact form and email
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Reliable IPTV service with no buffering or freezing (stable internet connection required)

Compatible Devices for Falcon IPTV

Falcon IPTV can be installed on various devices, boxes, and applications. Here is a list of compatible devices for Falcon IPTV:

  • Android devices (Android TV, Android Phone, Android Box)
  • IOS
  • Windows
  • Firestick/Fire TV
  • Smart Tv
  • Samsung Smart Tv
  • Apple Tv
  • KODI
  • LG Smart Tv
  • Enigma 2

Subscription Plans for Falcon IPTV

Falcon IPTV offers four different subscription plans, namely:

1 Month1. 7000+ Live channels
2. Movies & series (VOD)
3. EPG + Catch Up 3 days
3 Months1. 7000+ Live channels
2. Movies & series (VOD)
3. EPG + Catch Up 3 days
6 Months1. 7000+ Live channels
2. Movies & series (VOD)
3. EPG + Catch Up 3 days
12 Months1. 7000+ Live channels
2. Movies & series (VOD)
3. EPG + Catch Up 3 days

How to Set Up Falcon IPTV on Firestick

The content from Falcon IPTV is streamed via an M3U playlist. We need to download a player on the Firestick to do this. The Smarter Player we use here. Here’s how it can be done.

  1. Click on the Home button on your Firestick remote to launch the home screen.
  2. Choose the Search tab.
  3. Search for Downloader and then start installing it on your Firestick device.
  4. Press the Home button on your remote and then open the Settings menu.
  5. On the Settings menu, select My Fire TV→Developer Options→Install Unknown Apps.
  6. Scroll to the Downloader app on the list and enable it.
  7. Open the Firestick home screen, and open the Downloader app.
  8. Enter the following URL: https://www.iptvsmarters.com/smarters.apk
  9. Wait until the file gets downloaded. After it gets downloaded, click on Install.
  10. Launch the app and enter the Falcon TV IPTV username and Password.

How to Set Up Falcon IPTV on Android Device

Users can use the VentoX IPTV app, to watch Falcon IPTV on their Android device

  1. Go to the Google Play Store on your Android Smartphone.
  2. Search for VentoX IPTV.
  3. Choose the app from the search results and click the Install button to get the app from the Play Store.
  4. Launch the app after the installation.
  5. Merge the playlist you received from the Falcon TV IPTV.
  6. Now, you can access live TV channels and video-on-demand content from Falcon TV.

How to Set Up Falcon IPTV on a Mac or Windows PC

Perfect Player IPTV is the best option to watch this IPTV on your Windows PC and Mac.

  1. Power on your PC and connect it to a stable WiFi Network.
  2. Open a browser of your choice and visit the official website to download BlueStacks.
  3. After downloading BlueStacks, open it and sign in to your Google Account.
  4. Open the browser and download the Perfect Player IPTV APK file from an authentic source.
  5. On the BlueStacks screen, go to the Installed Apps and select the Install APK icon.
  6. Choose the Perfect Player APK file to open and install the app.
  7. Open the app and add the playlist of Falcon TV to watch the content.

Notice: For additional device installation tutorials, you can also visit the Falcon IPTV website and obtain them by clicking “Installation” in the navigation bar.

Falcon IPTV VS. Iview HD IPTV Comparison

Falcon IPTV is a reliable IPTV service, and next, we will introduce another IPTV service: Iview HD IPTV. Let’s take a look at their comparison. Below is their detailed comparison table:

IPTV free trial×72 Hours
Supported DevicesAndroid, iOS, Firestick, Windows, Smart TV, Mac, MAG BoxAmazon FireStick, Android Devices
EPG (TV Guide)
Catch Up (Replay)3 DAYS7 DAYS
Xtream Codes×
IPTV Code×
Instant Activation×

Iview HD IPTV Reviews


Iview HD IPTV emerges as a premier choice in the IPTV service market, celebrated for its comprehensive channel selection and superior functionality. Tailored for Android users, it extends its reach to a variety of audiences with over 1300 live channels that span UK, Australian, and European programming. Sports aficionados can revel in a wealth of channels, gaining access to football, boxing, and significant sports events, not to mention the plethora of entertainment and cinema channels on offer.

The service’s adaptability is a standout feature, allowing seamless transitions between mobile and television screens for a flexible viewing experience. It supports a wide range of devices, including smart TVs and mobile devices, ensuring you can enjoy content in the way that suits you best.

Iview HD IPTV prides itself on an intuitive interface that promises stable streaming without the hassle of buffering. It’s equipped with enriching features like IPTV Catch-Up, allowing viewers to catch up on missed content, and PVR for cloud recording, ensuring you never miss out on must-see events. The addition of an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) simplifies content navigation, further elevating the service’s value.

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Feature of Iview HD IPTV

  • Over 3000 movies and TV shows (VOD)
  • Premium sports channels
  • Pay-per-view events
  • Adult channels
  • A 3-day free IPTV trial is available
  • 7-day IPTV catch-up (playback)
  • IPTV recording (Cloud PVR, stored on server)
  • Default EPG, Grid EPG, Classic EPG
  • Live chat, email, WhatsApp, and Telegram group chat support
  • 3-day money-back guarantee
  • Quality IPTV service with no buffering or freezing (stable internet required)

What devices are compatible with Iview HD IPTV?

Iview HD IPTV is designed to work exclusively on Android-based devices, giving users the freedom to enjoy premium TV channels and live sports events on a wide range of devices. Here are some compatible devices:

Android TV Devices

  • Android TVs
  • Android TV boxes
  • Android smartphones
  • Android tablets

Amazon Devices

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Firestick
  • Fire TV Cube

Other Devices

  • Nvidia Shield TV

With Iview HD, users can experience the ultimate IPTV experience on their favorite Android devices, with crystal-clear picture quality, low buffering, and a user-friendly interface.

Subscription Plans for Iview IPTV

Iview HD IPTV1 month$19.99
3 months$49.99
6 months$79.99
12 months$139.99
Iview HD Plus IPTV1 month$32.99
3 months$79.99
6 months$129.99
12 months$199.99
Sub-Device12 months$89.99

Note: This Sub Device Subscription is for the 2nd/3rd/4th devices, and can not run without the subscription service!



IPTV Free Trial

  • Over 1,300 live television channels.
  • More than 280 premium sports channels.
  • Over 3,000 Video on Demand (VOD).
  • Access to news, entertainment, movies, TV series, and adult channels.
  • 3-Day Free Trial Available, No CC
  • Plus with Catch Up & Cloud PVR

Alternative Solutions for Falcon IPTV Service Providers

  • King IPTV: King IPTV offers over 15,000 live TV channels and more than 20,000 full HD options. With King TV, you can enjoy a vast array of live channels, TV shows, and movies anytime, anywhere. The service spans over 60 countries and regions, offering 24/7 online access to channels and movies supported by an Electronic Program Guide (EPG).
  • Tribe IPTV: Tribe IPTV provides over 11,000 live TV channels, including sports events, and a large VOD library. This IPTV sports service also includes pay-per-view events and options for major sports channels.
  • Prime IPTV: Prime IPTV offers more than 16,000 channels, movies, and series suitable for all age groups. Prime IPTV also provides all channels, movies, and series for adults (excluding on-demand).
  • Beast TV: Beast TV offers over 12,500+ live HD channels and more than 5,000+ VOD (movies and TV series). Beast TV also offers sports, movies, PPV, and international content.
  • IPTVtune: IPTVtune is a popular IPTV service providing over 10K TV channels, including more than 200 premium sports channels.
  • Comstar IPTV: Comstar IPTV features over 20,000 live TV channels, video-on-demand, an Electronic Program Guide, and exclusive pay-per-view events.


Is Falcon IPTV Free?

No, Falcon IPTV offers a basic plan starting at $19.99 per month, which allows you to watch a wide range of channels such as news, sports, entertainment, children’s programming, and more through subscription.

What’s the best IPTV for Firestick?

1. Falcon IPTV
2. Iview HD IPTV
3. King IPTV
4. Tribe IPTV
5. Prime IPTV

Can I get IPTV for free?

Yes, you can watch a wide range of channels with the 3-day free trial offered by Iview HD IPTV.


In conclusion, Falcon IPTV emerges as a comprehensive solution for those seeking an expansive selection of channels across various genres, including sports, entertainment, and international programming. With its competitive pricing structure and the availability of a significant VOD library, it offers a viable alternative to traditional TV services.

This guide aims to provide you with the necessary insights into Falcon IPTV’s features, pricing, and potential alternatives, equipping you with the information to make an informed decision about your streaming needs. As the IPTV landscape continues to evolve, services like Falcon IPTV, and Iview HD IPTV are at the forefront, offering flexibility and choice to the modern viewer.

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